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    Las Vegas - Where is your favorite place to stay, eat, and play?

    My husband and I are planning a 20th Anniversary trip to Las Vegas in April of 2014. I've been researching Vegas and I'm trying to narrow it down to the top 3 places to stay. I really don't want to pay over $200 a night for lodging. Where are your favorite places to eat. We are both sort of picky eaters so we are looking for more casual places. What's your favorite show and why? Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Las Vegas - Where is your favorite place to stay, eat, and play?

    If you want to save money on hotel rooms, there are many wonderful, fancy hotels in downtown Las Vegas that cost close to nothing and you will have a fantastic time there. Its called downtown Las Vegas. There are so many hotels there that are from $29 a night. Now, you can't beat a deal like that. You will be so glad you have read my reply. The hotel rooms in downtown are beautiful, spacious, clean, and luxurious. They have everything that strip hotels have so why not save yourself tons of money and stay in downtown Las Vegas. You will pay about two hundred dollars for the whole trip of rooms so why not choose that option. I stay at the Four Queen and I love it. The room has two large beds, beautiful and clean. I can look outside and see the entire city and hear the free concert. Did I mention you get to experience the Freemont street experience there right down from your hotel. If you're looking for luxury then try the Golden Nugget in downtown where the price is low and the fun is high. You can also try Four Queen with price from $29, or The D hotel with the same rate or Fremont casino or Main st casino or California hotel casino, and so much more. The rate for these hotels are just around $29 a day. You get to eat great buffet there for around ten dollars, so what more can you ask. There are games there and concerts and shows. You won't miss a thing. My favorite show in Las Vegas has to be Circuit Sol Lei. You haven't experience Las Vegas if you haven't seen these shows yet. I love Zumanity, Ka, Criss Angels, and concerts. They have lots of concerts in Las Vegas. The buffets here are amazing, like the Bellagio or the Palms or the MGMs. There are buffet at every casino here and they are all really good. The Rio is a great place for seafood lovers. Happy traveling to Las Vegas and I hope you get a reward card to save more.

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    Re: Las Vegas - Where is your favorite place to stay, eat, and play?

    If you are willing to pay so there are so many best places to eat like:
    Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse - Las Vegas
    The Cheesecake Factory
    Andiamo Italian Steakhouse
    The Egg & I
    Mandarin Bar

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    Re: Las Vegas - Where is your favorite place to stay, eat, and play?

    This is purely a term which i would like to explore more and also to me majorly sources like niagara falls 2 day tour from new york are decent much because they do have this appreciative outcome.

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    Re: Las Vegas - Where is your favorite place to stay, eat, and play?

    I have a good experience of Golden Nugget Hotel. It is my favorite hotels due to its best services. I had comfortable stay there for one week and enjoyed my delicious meal there. It is a nice place where visitors can have comfortable stay there with family and friends and enjoy there delicious meal and drinks.



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