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    Best Motorcycle/Street Dirt to Travel Cross-Country on?

    I've been planning on doing something like this for a long while and now I finally have an opportunity where I am able, but I still need to do a few months of planning. Right now I have a 650 Katana, but I want to sell it a get a more suited bike. I don't know if I want a cruiser or a street dirt so I can take the back roads. Which would be a more viable option? Is there any street dirt that I could make a long distance trip like that and see all of the beautiful back roads? I've been looking at the Kawasaki Versys for a while, but I'm still not sold.

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    Good Motorcycles For Long Travel

    I a a big fan of Motorbikes but due to my hectic schedule have never got chance to purchase one because its a full time hobby. When ever i see a person riding a bike on long trips i wonder that if some day it can be me?

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    Yamaha XJ650

    I have a 1982 Yamaha XJ650J Maxim, I would take trips to rustic roads with that and it handled the gravel roads fairly well. I'm not sure if that's the kind of answer that you're looking for though, what year/price bike are you looking for? If you google image search that bike you'll see the kind of style I'm talking about at least, I like that when you road it you sit up a little more so, at least for me, you felt a little more in control when hitting gravel.

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    Re: Best Motorcycle/Street Dirt to Travel Cross-Country on?

    I think first of all you need to decide your ride, when you are planning to travel so the first thing you need to prepare is best ride for you, whether it's a bike or car.

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    Re: Best Motorcycle/Street Dirt to Travel Cross-Country on?

    In these terms i am sure there is a lot which can be seen and also new york to acadia national park takes care of a lot to me certainly in a way which is helpful much with many factors.

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    Re: Best Motorcycle/Street Dirt to Travel Cross-Country on?

    I never used traveling on bikes cause i just love to move with like affordable tours from washington DC and surely in future it will make me feel so adorable and great. So have some fun there and keep sharing like this time a lot.



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