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Thread: Ellis Island

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    Ellis Island

    Ellis Island is a most fabulous and lovely destination for visit around the world. In my point of view it is a perfect destination for all travelling and fun lover. I love this destination due to its rich nature beauty. I also visited there and I really enjoyed its nature charming views. If you want to go there then I would say that you must take your camera with you. I hope you fully enjoy there.

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    Re: Ellis Island

    Yeah, I have been to there once during my bus tours from boston to niagara falls. It was so much amazing time for me and had a great time there for sure. i will love to move for it and this will be so much stunning for sure. So yu should also be there soon.

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    Re: Ellis Island

    Guys, This will be something bad for me to say that I have no idea about the Ellis Island. It is an unnoticed place for me. I have not heard about it yet. I am keen to see some pictures of this place. Do anyone from you like to share with me?

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    Re: Ellis Island

    i will be there surely around the Ellis Island as looking for some of best spots to explore I the winter. i just really love to be there around that so let me know about this that the best to explore in the winter and if I will be there around that so what kind of things that I will enjoy there?

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    Re: Ellis Island

    Ellis Island is the major attraction for the Tourists. This is very nice trip to American tourisms spots.

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    Re: Ellis Island

    The more I ventured to every part of the more I understood that dread makes outsiders of individuals who ought to be companions . It's not possible for anyone to find the world for another person. Just when we find it for ourselves does bus tours of niagara falls from chicago it wind up plainly shared opinion and a typical bond and we stop to be distant from everyone else



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