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    Most popular Historical place

    Caracas Cathedral is a beautiful landmark that is located on the Plaza Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela. It is also famous and my favorite too. Its historical places appeals me a lot. It is a nice place for history lovers to explore on earth. I also visited there and captured few images of this amazing destination. I will suggest you to must go there once and ger more information about it.

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    Re: Most popular Historical place

    I have no idea about the place that you are talking about, because i never have been to there and so sure that i will have amazing time there if i will try anything like this in my future life and so sure that i will be very happy after that. Am i right buddy???

    Really so sure that i will have great time while New York to Acadia bus tour.

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    Re: Most popular Historical place

    Historic places do have an image which is always dashing and that creates a next level to the tourists and the kind of time they get to spend so far Bus tour packages to Niagara Falls is what i have experienced and it goes so far very helpfully.

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    Re: Most popular Historical place

    Venezuela have many historical buildings with different architecture art, and monuments. Major are Birthplace of Simón Bolívar, Caracas Cathedral, Venezuelan Coastal Range, Médanos de Coro National Park etc..

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    Re: Most popular Historical place

    The great wall of China is the most famous tourist attraction. The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City in Beijing, Summer place are the popular historical place in China. Due to these places, many travelers come to China for traveling. I and my family have visited these places 5 months ago. We booked our tour with the help Great Wall Trekclub. The peoples are very friendly there and the foods are very tasty. we enjoyed a lot there.



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