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    What Is So Special About Angel Falls and Amazon

    My friend recently visited The Angel falls situated in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park and suggested me to visit it. I want to know the best time to visit the falls and what i want is to explore the place. Would i be requiring a guide for this purpose? Secondly what activities do the falls offer to the tourist visiting the falls ?

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    Re: What Is So Special About Angel Falls and Amazon

    I like to visit the Angle falls. it is the best tourist attraction of Venezuela. I visited there about few years ago in summer season. it is the one world's heights constant waterfall. You can enjoy there charming views of waterfalls, nature beauty and can enjoy many other things there. So i suggest you should go there in summer holidays and enjoy there like me.

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    Re: What Is So Special About Angel Falls and Amazon

    Hyrrin, You right. The Angle Fall is the best attraction in this country. I heard much about it and will try to go there in the next month. I am a big lover of waterfall and nature beauty. According to your post, I think it is a nice place for me. Can you share some images of it which you captured during the tour?

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    Re: What Is So Special About Angel Falls and Amazon

    I had had great time there with my Uncle's family during my holidays. It is a best place where you can enjoy holidays with family and friends. I would love to go there after finishing my 1 day tours from los angeles again at least once in my life with my whole family. I want to explore its nearest attractions. Anyone can you help me in this situation?



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