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Thread: Experiences to obtain Vietnam Visa

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    Cool Experiences to obtain Vietnam Visa

    Lots of Vietnam visa information out there. But it seems that the more information you read the more confused you get. Except that you spend much of time to study, check, compare Ö then you become a specialist.
    In fact, itís not as complicated as you think. You can come to nearest Vietnamese Embassy in your country to ask for visa, however, itís much more convenient to apply through an online visa agent, just follow some simple steps as below:
    Step1: Find a reliable online visa agent
    First, you should find a reliable online visa agent of course, and itís easy to know by searching information about that agent online, my experience with vietnam-visa-service.com was good, they were very prompt, effective and responsible.

    Step 2: Fill the online application form
    After picking your agent, letís go to their application page and fill all the required information. Basically, you will have to provide your personal information (full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, passport number), your contact detail (email address, hand-phone number) and visa information (type of visa: 1 month/3 months; single entry/multiple entry; date of entry and exit, place to get visa). I guess you donít need a detail guidance to complete the form but you should do it with carefulness and double check everything before submitting, or else you will have to pay for the second application if you donít inform the correction in time. Some following information you should pay attention to:
    - Full name: take it from your passport, must include surname, middle name and given name.
    - Visa type: 1 month visa is for maximum stay of 30 days, if you stay only 1 day exceeded you will still have to apply 3 month visa. Currently, the Immigration Office approve only 85 days as the maximum stay for the 3 month visa. During your visa valid period (1 month or 3 month), if you enter and exit only 1 time then you apply for single entry, if more than 1 time then you apply multiple entries.
    - Place to get visa: is where you get your visa stamped onto your passport. Once your approval letter has been done, you wonít be able to change the place to get visa or any other information noted in it. This is because they will also fax the letter accordingly to the place that you opted to get visa. In case you change your mind or you need to amend any information in the approval letter, you will have to inform your visa agent to cancel it and apply for new one.
    - Approval letter: works both like invitation and guarantee letter that ensure the legal purpose of your visit. This is NOT visa, you will get it when you apply visa through a travel agent in Vietnam and will use it to get real visa. If you apply visa directly at Vietnamese embassy, there will be no approval letter. You will submit all required documents and pay stamping fee + service fee for the Embassy and receive appointment to get visa stamped onto your passport.
    - If you need visa in urgent, most agencies can help you obtain visa approval letter within just few hours with their express service, of course you will have to pay extra for that. However, if you apply in urgent, you must choose to get visa at the airport upon arrival (VOA) as there is no time to pick up at the embassy.

    Step 3: Pay the service fee
    After submit your application, you will be redirected to a secured payment gateway and proceed the payment with your credit card. Other payment methods like bank transfer or money transfer are available but not recommended.
    Note that you are paying the service fee for the agent only, it will not include stamping fee. You have to pay stamping fee at the airport upon arrival or at the embassy when you get visa stamped.

    Step 4: Get visa approval letter via email
    If you apply with normal service, your approval letter will come after 2-3 working days. If you apply with express service, it will come after your required processing time. Remember not to count Saturday and Sunday or public holiday days as the processing time count only working days.

    Step 5: Get visa stamped on your passport (real visa)
    You will have to prepare the approval letter in hard copy (print out the attached file in your email) together with some other things listed below to get visa stamped on your passport.
    Things to prepare to get visa after you have approval letter on hand:
    - Original passport (should have at least 6 month of validity and 2 blank pages)
    - 2 passport photos each person (4*6cm)
    - Money in cash (USD is preferable) to pay stamping fee ($25 for single entry and $50 for multiple entries no matter 1 month or 3 month type, except US citizens that have been granted 1 year multiple entry visa and this is the only choice, the stamping fee is $135/visa)
    - Fill a visa form (different from the online form that you fill when you apply). You will submit this form directly to Immigration Officer at the airport, or to Embassy staff if you get visa at Vietnamese Embassy as a required document to get visa.

    Note* If you are citizens from following countries which are granted visa exemption, you will be able to enter Vietnam without visa for a certain length of stay: Brunei: 14 days; Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand: 30 days; The Philippines: 21 days; Japan, Korea, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, The UK, Italy, France, German and Spain: 15 days.
    If you are going to stay in Vietnam longer than granted time, or within the granted time but have multiple entries then you will still have to apply a visa.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Experiences to obtain Vietnam Visa

    Seems to be share something useful with all of us. Honestly, I can't read this because last night I was much tired and would like to try this when I will free. However, must say keep sharing this kind of thing in future too with all.

    Have you any idea about tours from los angeles?

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    Re: Experiences to obtain Vietnam Visa

    For Vietnam Visa: You can refer to https://www.halong-bay-tours.com/tou...sa-on-arrival/

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    Re: Experiences to obtain Vietnam Visa

    This website https://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com/vi...tnam-visa.html offers best price and they guarantee to get Vietnam visa on arrival within 2 workings-day without any required documents



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