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    Need to know this location of Vietnam.

    I have shared thsi image which I have been collect from my best Friend he has been visited this country and enjoyed his time here. So now /i want to know some new things or information about this image's location. Because its beautiful natural beauty attract to me as a visit. So I will try to go here after ending my thousand islands tour

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    Re: Need to know this location of Vietnam.

    jerry123, I like your shared image but I'm feeling sad because I have no idea about it. It is completely unknown place for me. I also like to see nature places and I will get sufficient detail about it. After seeing this image, I also Can't wait to see it. I hope I will enjoy there a lot. Thanks for it.

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    Re: Need to know this location of Vietnam.

    I am not so sure about the image but I think this could be about the Vietnam. cause my uncle has been there visited once in his life and had captured some images of it as well. So maybe this is the Vietnam. Anyway, I will ask again from him while he will be back from the los angeles trips. So I hope you will wait for me.

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    Re: Need to know this location of Vietnam.

    It is Ha Long Bay in the north of Vietnam

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    Re: Need to know this location of Vietnam.

    Viet Nam is a country very beautiful and Work very good

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    Re: Need to know this location of Vietnam.

    That would be pretty much fun to visit and i am sure that going through such stuff is always working in an amazing way bus tour to Niagara Falls ny makes a mark and always provides so much to take care of and in the best way it does bring a productive method that always makes a mark in a finer manner.



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